The most Beautiful Beaches in the world

If you are looking for a wonder land, a place to enjoy your well earned vacation, the beach is always a good choice. Many dream about a vacation with beautiful landscapes, endless white sandy beaches, crystal-clear water with the warming sun above while they are bathing in the wonder of nature. There are thousand of places that could be considered as paradise on earth; every countries, every continents have their own the most well-known beaches so how to decide where to go?  One can have many questions to ask before traveling:

- What are the most attractive spots?

- How to book an accommodation in resorts, hotel?

- How to travel to that beaches?…

Most of travel agencies can give you almost of all your desired information. However, you want to find some more people’s experiences, judgments, comments for that beaches Beautiful Beaches will give you the answers.

Tropical beaches are the most suitable for sunbathing but that is  is not all about things we can do. The amazing views, deep crystal clear waters, corals and glamorous sunshine are the perfect choices for most of us to lie down and relax.If you like taking more adventures like jet ski, water ski, surfing, para-send, snorkel and scuba dive to explore the ocean and it’s amazing marine life  you probably should come to the beaches of Cornwall or Hawaii you will be sure to find water sports and boat tours . You will also have chances to discover caves & caverns, local wildlife, mountains, further fascinating views and historical sites.

Boracay Island Phillipines

Boracay Island Phillipines

Surfing at Rifle Range, Kauai, Hawaii

Surfing at Rifle Range, Kauai, Hawaii

If you are going to get married, a beach wedding will surely be a great idea. Recently, Beach Weddings have become more common due to couples wanting marriage but without the religious aspects of a church. For a bride, what could be more romantic than a flowing summer gown on a beautiful golden beach with the sun light glowing behind your loved one like a halo and the promise of eternal life together? It will be unforgettable and the prospect of celebrating your reunion on that same place will be magnificent.

Beach Wedding ( Hawaii)

Beach Wedding

For adventurers, they prefer to travel to more wilder and unspoiled beaches with the hope of escaping from the modern cities of lights and noises and emerge themselves in quietness of Mother Nature

Valdevaqueros Beach

Valdevaqueros Beach, Andalusia, southern Spain

Beautiful beaches will offer you anything you desire so let’s pack your suitcase and travel to one!